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I had my first session with Elliot Roe who specializes in reducing tilt in poker players by way of hypnosis.

I was very skeptical if Im honest and didnt think there was any way I could be hypnotized. By the time the session had finished I dont think I have ever felt as relaxed as i did during parts of it.

Elliot tries to get straight to the route of the problem and some very interesting stuff came up for me as to where my tilt problems at the table may stem from.

From my first session I can start to imagine how powerful a tool hypnotherapy could be. just by talking to me Elliot was able to induce how I feel at the tables when i am in full blow tilt and I had the feelings that I need to lash out, my face was getting flushed, and my heart was racing and then from that he could take me back to a relaxed state and have me feeling totally calm about that very same situation.

Im not going to claim that I am fixed as i havnt even played poker since but I have a sneaky suspicion that my first session may be played with less stress than normal.

Elliot seems to have this confidence that he can pass on to you and I now believe that he can help me with my tilt problems and thats something I wouldnt have said a week ago.

I have another session on Sunday night and will get some hands in at NL50 over the next couple of days so people will have to look out for the new improved me.