About Me

My name is Martin and im a Carpet Shop owner based in the UK and started playing poker on Sky Poker in 2007, the first time i have ever played the game. I had an account with Sky Bet and after listening to a mate talk for ages about Big Blinds and Big Slick i decided to see what all the fuss was about. Little did i know…….. I got well and truly hooked, the fact that i was winning probably helped. I was playing on the 0.02/0.04p tables. The game just fascinated me so much and i just wanted to get better and better, the fact that im a sore loser and a bit too competitive probably helped me in my strive to get better. I didnt realise it at the time but those emotions would probably hinder me a little down the line. Its about this time that i bought my first poker book with my winnings, Phil Gordons Little Green Book. Thats when i actually began how to learn to play poker. The book just blew me away. It was so easy to read and i couldnt put it down, thats the point i started boring my other mates with talk of Big Blinds and such.

At that point by total fluke i found 2+2 and was just blown away by information that was available to players. I really liked the idea of using software like PT to analyze my game so in April 2008 i splashed out some cash and bought PT and moved on to the Ipoker network on Bet365 as the software on Sky was average to say the least. The games were a lot tougher than i was used to on Sky and so after flirting with $0.05/0.10 and not managing to really make any money i ended up playing on the $0.01/0.02 tables. The games were really soft and i managed to make a bit of money but everytime i made some i always ended up drawing out so was back at square one, or i would look at moving up but when i scanned the tables with Spadeye the players just looked so much better so i just stayed where i was, keeping in my comfort zone.

In Febuary 2009 after finding out about Rakeback i set up accounts at Full Tilt and UB and decided to see if i could move up.(After reading lots of Books and watching lots of Videos i thought i might finally have a go at putting them to use.) I played at NL5 on FT and somewhere along the line after realising i could multi tbale ended up making the switch from 6Max to Full Ring. I ran pretty well on Full Tilt running at 6.6 BB/100 over 18K hands. I was mixing in games at FT and at UB and at some point i realised the tables on UB were really soft so i started playing NL10 there. Obviously i was still quite naive and didnt realise why the tables were so soft. I did quite well and up until August that year this is where i stopped. I kept building my bankroll up and was quite happy to keep withdrawing when i wanted to treat myself. Between April -June i played 90K hands running at 4.35 BB/100 and in July played another 16K hands running at 7.81 bb/100. Although the games were so soft i wasnt really learning much, unfortunatley for me it would take quite some time before i realised this.

After being inspired by success stories on the 2+2 forum i decided to take the plunge and attempt to move to NL25 but as there arnt many tables on UB i had to move back to FT. Once again after checking out peoples stats on Spadeye i was a bit worried because they all appeared to have decent stats and the `fish` looked very hard to come by. Thinking about it i was so comfortable at UB where the best players ran 15/1 and the rest were like 50/10, im not suprised i was quite daunted moving back to FT where there were always at least a couple of players at the tables playing 15/12.

So on August 1st i dipped my toes and somehow managed to end the session up thinking this is great there might be some money to be made here. On August 2nd about 30 minutes in to a session my opinion had changed vastly as i was getting hammered left right and centre and was $50 down before i knew it. Id never seen so much 3 betting in my life. Between August and December i managed to be just above breakeven after Rakeback. I just couldnt work out what i was doing wrong. I had signed up for Truly Free Poker Training but never used any of my privledges on the coaching sites. So the begining of December i had a bit of time to kill and decided to take some time and really work on my game. I mean i have so many of the well known books on poker but i have a really short attention span, as in if im reading about Poker then i could just be playing poker. So although ive probably learned something from each book i probably havnt learned nearly half as much as i should have. Anyway i started watching some of the videos on Stox Poker to try and improve my game. Only a couple videos in to one of SplitSuits series i had already learnt something. After all this time of playing i didnt know where the bloody Fold button was. Half of December i watched more Poker Videos than i had ever watched and suddenly i was winning. Where as before i was scared of playing against players who had `great` stats, i had realised that some of these players were actually terrible players.

Forward 6 months to July 2010 and i was  still winning at a decent rate playing NL25 despite been rolled for NL100. Id had a couple of attempts to move up to NL50, and while i wouldnt say they were failed attempts i always end up moving back down to NL25 back to my comfort zone. The volume of players playing at NL25 compared to NL50 always seems to drag me back. I had the desire to play higher up, even if i didnt know if i had the skills, i feel i just need to give myself a kick up the arse every now and again and i decided to do something about it. It was at this point that i had my first flirtings with coaching and decided to shell out quite a bit of cash and although i didnt know much about that side of things i fell really lucky and hired a really good one. In the space of 4 weeks i had gone from been scared of moving up to beating NL50 at 9.89bb/100 over 50K hands and having my biggest winning month since i started playing Poker. I put that down to my then coach Nl_fool.

By October 2010 i was playing NL100 and although results wernt spectacular i was still winning. It was around this time that i discovered Rush Poker and just became addicted to that game. Along with the RB on FT it became a very profitable game to play and in December 2010 i had my biggest winning day in poker where i won just over $1K and thought i was pretty baller and didnt believe my success would end, after all i was beating NL100 that month for 3bb/100 over 63K hands and had visions of rolling in money and moving up to NL200.

All this time i was struggling with tilt and it was a constant fight to keep my self under control and i would often fly in to blind rages while playing and smash computer equipment or go as far as punching holes in the walls. So although i was winning there was also the bad side to it as well. I had also changed coaches as well as Nl_fool could no longer coach and i had a really bad experience with my next coach. Dont get me wrong the coaching sessions were good but i had failed to ask and he had failed to mention about his availability, he was traveling the world which would lead to a lot of the time where we simply couldnt arrange sessions. I waited in one day in the hope he had connection like he had said and i didnt hear a thing, that was the final straw and i havnt spoke to him since.

January 2011 was about the time where the wheels started to come off and although i had a winning month over 90K hands my graph looked like a roller coaster or mountain peak. At this point i decided to withdraw quite a lot of my roll so i was probably underolled for the stakes i was playing in and the next month i only managed 17K hands due to tilt and lack of motivation. I decided a drop down was needed and i went back to Nl50 and got back to winning there but i was still really frustrated with how things were going and in April 2011 i had my first losing month in poker mainly playing NL50. The frustration coupled with the fact i was now playing on about 20 buyins would lead me to drop down again and by June i was back crushing NL25 and getting my shit back together and then BOOM Fult Tilt is shut down and the money is gone.

This is where i made what i feel will turn out to be my worst Poker decision. I wanted to play somewhere where i thought my money would be safe so instead of making the move to Pokerstars i moved to William Hill. Bad mistake the software in itself was tilting, there were hardly any FR tables running(which i guess did give me the chance to get half decent at 6max) and the tables were bot infested. I took on another coach at this point to see if i could get it together, threads13, and he was fantastic i had already watched some of videos and had lengthy chats with him and our sessions were a lot of fun and he gave me a foot up when it came to playing 6max. I was his student on a couple of videos he made for Deuces Cracked and they were a lot of fun to make.

I was beating the games at a decent clip on WH but i was playing NL20 and trying to build up but for one reason or another i was having to withdraw money at regular intervals so never really got the chance to move up and was still frequently tilting and getting increasingly frustrated with the site itself. In January 2012 i decided to give poker a real go and moved to Pokerstars as that was the decision i should of made 6 months or so ago. I deposited $200 and decided i would try and work my way back up to NL50 by the end of the year. Early results were promising and i was crushing the NL5/Nl10 games and quickly became rolled for NL25. Everytime i shot took though i would run bad or tilt and quickly move back down. April 2012 it finally stuck and that brings me to where i am now, again i have done well and am rolled for NL50 but im just waiting on a point where im running pretty well to start taking shots but things are looking promising again compared to 6 months or so ago. Im still prone to tilt but its denatley a work in progress and the area of my game which is the weakest. The good thing is that im motivated to play Poker again and im enjoying it again which i wasnt sure would happen.

Upto End 2012

  1. Stefano says:

    Awesome to see a winning player willing to start back up from the micros, truly inspirational for a starting up player.

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