Merry Christmas Everyone

Posted: December 29, 2012 in General

Just a quick post to wish everyone who reads this blog a Merry Christmas and also hoping that you all had a gone one.

Luckily the world didnt end and we are now coming to the end of another year. Its been a strange year when it has come to Poker but I will get in to that when I do my year in review in the New Year.

Poker wise at the moment its going very well, Im still playing tilt free, heading towards 2 months now, at NL50 and results so far have been promising. Im trying to identify my leaks as I go along which does seem pretty easy at the moment as my mind isnt filled with useless clutter like my own bad beat stories.

Blog wise Im thinking of moving over to the same place where my works website is held. I do find that interface a bit easier to use for some reason and It should make my blog posts on here look more professional than they do at the moment and just makes it a bit easier for me to update both blogs on the same platform with the same tools.

Thats all for now but will update with my years results and goals for 2013 along with my review of the year at some point. Happy New Year to you all.


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