Busy & Exciting Past Few Days

Posted: November 14, 2012 in General
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The last few days have been pretty manic and exciting for me. Loads of stuff to report and loads of stuff that has happened.

After the other day and the hands above I decided to take all my money off both FT and PS to put down as a deposit on a new car. I had it in my mind that if I couldnt get staked then I would just do the same as when I started playing on Stars and just deposit a couple of hundred bucks and work it back up. Even though thats probably leaving money on the table it wouldnt be that much of an issue. Obviously the better option would be to get staked to play NL50 & Nl25.

So Sunday I went to test drive the car I had been looking at and I loved it and they seemed pretty keen on not letting me leave the forecourt without sorting out a deal so I managed to knock them down over £1K on the price as well as getting a favorable deal on my car that I was part exchanging. Im picking the car up tomorrow night so that should be fun.

Corsa VXR

So thats that out of the way which left me with no money on either site to play Poker though but Im very happy to say that I have sorted out a deal which allows me to play my normal volume and also play at NL50 & NL25. I did quite a bit of research when it came to approaching people as a lot of the time in the staking forum people are just contacting everyone which Im not sure is the best approach and wouldnt fill me with confidence.

Im very happy with the deal that I have got and hopefully this will give me a chance to move up to NL50 permanently and then hopefully spring board me above that. We just have to sort out the fine print tonight but I must say I am quite looking forawrd to this and hopefully it will give me a bit more structure and responsibility which may see me tilt less.

On that note I also contacted Elliot Roe who specializes in hypnotherapy and mindset coaching for Poker. My problems have been well documented in my threads and I were at the point of just stopping trying to improve in that area and just accept that I tilt and cant do much to stop it.

Ive had a long chat with Elliot about the way he works and ways that he looks to help people, again I did some research and the reviews he has had seem pretty impressive. Im willing to give anything a try to try and help me with this problem which I feel is holding me back far too much so Ive booked some sessions and Im going to be working with Elliot for the foreseeable future.

Im really excited and nervous about this and have my first session with him on Thursday. I really dont know what to expect, I feel almost unhelpable and Elliot has a lot of confidence in his work and what he can do for me. He says my history makes me a really interesting subject for him to work with, I wonder what he is letting himself in for. 🙂

One thing is for sure that tilt over the years has cost me thousands and if I can improve even a fraction on that then the long term benefits will be clear to see.

Elliot’s thread can be found here:- http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/164/cash-game-poker-coach-listings/mindset-coaching-hypnotherapy-poker-coaching-profit-deals-now-available-via-pm-1240494/

  1. xxcara88xx says:

    i’m happy that you’re happy babe, im sure everything will go great for you with poker 🙂 *sory for the soppiness people lol*

  2. xxcara88xx says:


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