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Posted: October 28, 2012 in General
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I made a post a while since mentioning that our new website had gone live, well we have now decided to extend this a bit and we are going to go down the route of starting a blog and also doing an online store.

To do this we have decided to set up another webiste which is the .com version of the first one and has a different set up to the first one and we are hoping to update on a regular basis.

Anyway the website can be found at www.cuttinedgecarpets.com and although its still in its early stages I would appreciate a bit of feedback on how it looks and if theres any errors that we have missed or ways people feel that we could improve it.

Thank you.

  1. x_ROSH125_x says:

    Very Good site mate, impressed. I’m sure as you develop it, it will only get better.

    I didn’t like the front page banner pic and the video clip didn’t work but everything else looked good. I’m guessing u are replacing the gallery page with the Blog page?? I reckon you should do both for people who just want to see the pics without reading the job specs.

    The Meet the team page is excellent for that personal feel of the who you will be dealing with

    GL Bud


    • martl1 says:

      Hey thanks very much for taking the time to have a look.

      Yeah its a bit short of content yet but hopefully that should increase which will give us a lot more options on the front page.

      By the banner pic do you mean the Logo or the picture on the main bit of the screen? If its the Logo then its a bit of a problem we have in that our logo been quite rounded can look a bit funny sometimes. I have thought about maybe moving it to the left hand side or just maybe writing out Cuttin Edge Carpets but thought that might take our identity away a bit.

      With the video clip are you talking about the one on the front page? That is going to be something like a 3 page gallery but again because its only just started we havnt the content to do that yet but hopefully in the next day or so we can get some more on.

      When you say replacing the gallery page do you mean the recent work section as theres a blog section just below that on the front page that has our recent posts on.

      Ive not fully decided what blog posts to use on the front page for pictures and such as at the moment the main picture is from blog posts titles featured so i can tag a post as featured if it looks good and it gets added to that. Then the recent work at the moment comes from all the blog posts apart from featured and then the recent blog post section comes from any tagged examples of work.

      When we get more posts I really could do with making the recent blog posts to be the 3 most recent posts and then the recent work been the posts before that which have work related stuff on and then we can choose the best pictures for the featured pictures.

      Its hard trying to get your head round deciding how to do a site because you have to look at it from a customers POV rather than thinking from your own when you know how you think it should look.

      Again thank you very much for the feed back.

      • x_ROSH125_x says:

        Hi, I meant the the picture of the bannister. It looks stretched and out of proportion. The company logo is fine. On the co.uk site you had a gallery page whereas on the .com site you have a blog page.

        As a customer I would rather see a gallery of your past work and am not really interested in the details of each job but just the before and after shots.

        You’re probably still adding it in but where are the products? All the different types of carpet you sell?

        Sorry if I sound harsh 🙂 I just want to help and I always say it as it is and I want you to do well..!!

        Check out this site, nick their good ideas and do it better than them..!!


        All the best


  2. martl1 says:

    Carpetright *spit* lol

    Thanks again. Dont worry about been harsh, theres no point just telling me what I want to hear, it needs to be from a potential customer point of view.

    Just chilling at the moment but will take a good look at what you said tomorrow. I see what you mean about that picture and its something I need to work on because of the shape of the viewer Im having to stretch the pictures. Maybe I could do something like put before and after pics together and use them as one picture.

    The online store is still a work in progress, Ive just about decided which plugin to use but it is taking some time as we have just got really busy so progress is a bit slow but defo want to do that as not a lot of places offer it around us and I think maybe we can catch a bit of trade that way.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it.

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