No Bluffing, No Bluffing

Posted: October 27, 2012 in General
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Ive managed to get back to winning ways this month after starting the month with a 6 buy in downswing.

That makes it sound better than it actually is though because Im still not playing that well and I am still spewing quite a bit. I made a decision early on in the month that I was going to try and tighten up because I feel Ive gone past the point of playing good loose Poker and in to the realm of playing bad loose Poker.

I mean just one look at my stats for the month and its clear to see that playing 24/19 with a WTSD of 30% is going to be a losing proposition. looking at my best month in poker I were playing 16/13 and going to SD just about 23% which is quite a big difference.

Its almost as if I feel I can just open any two fancy looking hands and profit by playing them rather than opening them in the correct spots.

Im just about to start a session now and Im going to try and play a really basic form of poker and try and resist the urge to open all these hands and actually tighten up a bit and also try folding some hands when Im obviously beat as well as cutting down on the stupid spews that I do when I bluff for no logical reason other than to stroke my own ego.

Anyway I will report back how I have gone on.

Wish me luck.


Results are in and I lasted 258 hands before tiltbreaker kicked in. Managed to end the session a buy in up after it had set off the alarm. Stats were 23/20 and 32% WTSD so no real change and couldnt help but try and bluff the fish who at the moment seem to smash every paired board against me when I have a decent pair. The fact I never fold against their raises even though they play their hand face up isnt helping me.

2 Hands that cost me were 2 all ins where I had Ak against QQ and missed and AQ against QQ. The other big hand was AK that I 3bet and got a TJQ flop where my opponent shoved the flop I call and he flips AT, Turn brings a Queen and the river a King.

Will try again in 15 mins.

  1. Good luck indeed! I think I’m going through a similar thing with my poker at the moment. I’ve got a few new tools and plays that are great and really powerful but it’s put me in the same sort of place, feeling like I can play too many hands and has made me bluff too much. I get where you’re coming from in going back to a simpler form but be careful to not become too predictable. Players who are too tight are so simple to beat and online a HUD will pick that up pretty damn quick. I’m trying to take longer in each of my decisions and make sure that I apply the basics before I try to pull off anything that feels slick but is actually, as you say, playing loose and bad rather than loose and good. Keep the basics at the forefront of your mind and always think about the spot before assessing how playable your hand is. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you. Except of course if you’re at my table 🙂

    • martl1 says:


      I think thats something in the back of my min about been too predictable but I really should just think that 99% of the players at this level arnt doing much more than playing their cards. I tend to forget that.

  2. Jos says:

    Have to say hands like AKo, AQo and AJo are my real nemesis in poker.

    Ive had 590 of these this month and ive won one pot over 42bb with them.

    Drives me to distraction if im honest 🙂

  3. martl1 says:

    Second session went better in that I won another buy in playing another 600 hands or so and playing 19/16 and only going to SD 26% of the time.
    Would have been better if a fish didnt cold call my 3bet with 54 and get a 443 flop and then to top it all hit another 4 on the turn and mind read that if he checked I would keep betting.

  4. You got this, dude. Sounds cliche, but just take it one hand at a time. (Also, losing 6 buy-ins is not a “downswing.” Ha ha.)

    • martl1 says:

      I think time constraints are part of the problem as well. Like last night knowing I only had about 30 mins to play puts me in the wrong mindset as I sit down and try and make things happen rather than just playing for the longrun. Obviously that creates tilt and tilt leads to more costly play.

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