Knew I Shouldnt Have Withdrawn…….

Posted: October 7, 2012 in Poker Theory
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Losing sucks.


But seriously it seems that every time I withdraw I hit a weird downswing where I see all kinds of weird shit happening where I cant hit a flop and villains can sole read me like a boss.












Thats what my graph looks like since I made the fateful decision to withdraw which is basically all of this months play. So its just over 6 buyins and probably my biggest downswing at this level so far so no really need to hit the panic stations just yet.

Anyone taking a look at my stats can see why Im getting hammered on, 30% 3bet success rate, 25% flop cbet success, 33% fold against a flop raise, 31% WTSD and finally a W$SD of 43%. Talk about fishy or what.
I guess I couldnt run like god forever though so time to get back to basics(which is hard when I cant play less than 20% Vpip no matter how hard I try) and start doing the little things right and the rest will hopefully fall in to place.

  1. Jos says:

    Im a expert at playing with a VPIP less than 20% .. if you need lessons feel free to ask 🙂

    Playing nittier than you comes natural to me !

    31% WTSD seems rather excessive, you gone into tilt call mode ?

  2. martl1 says:

    It certainly feels that way. I have gone over a few hands and a lot of them Im getting to SD with strong hands but Im beat a lot of the time. I cant call them coolers either because if I think about them they really are folds.

    I just cant get under the 20% mark, as much as I like to when I see someone limp and I have Ax/Kx or w/e then i just have to raise them which is bumping my Vpip because theres so many fish out there.

  3. Jos says:

    Your trying to get under 20% and im trying to get over 20%.

    In fact over 17% over a sustained period would be nice… but im getting there.

    Your just going through a little variance .. which is probably due after looking at those impressive graphs..

    • martl1 says:

      Yep I certainly cant complain, I am due a little bit of run bad although I could complain about running bad in some instances even with the results ive had. Im not gonna though lol

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