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Looking for feedback…..

Posted: October 28, 2012 in General
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I made a post a while since mentioning that our new website had gone live, well we have now decided to extend this a bit and we are going to go down the route of starting a blog and also doing an online store.

To do this we have decided to set up another webiste which is the .com version of the first one and has a different set up to the first one and we are hoping to update on a regular basis.

Anyway the website can be found at and although its still in its early stages I would appreciate a bit of feedback on how it looks and if theres any errors that we have missed or ways people feel that we could improve it.

Thank you.


Ive managed to get back to winning ways this month after starting the month with a 6 buy in downswing.

That makes it sound better than it actually is though because Im still not playing that well and I am still spewing quite a bit. I made a decision early on in the month that I was going to try and tighten up because I feel Ive gone past the point of playing good loose Poker and in to the realm of playing bad loose Poker.

I mean just one look at my stats for the month and its clear to see that playing 24/19 with a WTSD of 30% is going to be a losing proposition. looking at my best month in poker I were playing 16/13 and going to SD just about 23% which is quite a big difference.

Its almost as if I feel I can just open any two fancy looking hands and profit by playing them rather than opening them in the correct spots.

Im just about to start a session now and Im going to try and play a really basic form of poker and try and resist the urge to open all these hands and actually tighten up a bit and also try folding some hands when Im obviously beat as well as cutting down on the stupid spews that I do when I bluff for no logical reason other than to stroke my own ego.

Anyway I will report back how I have gone on.

Wish me luck.


Results are in and I lasted 258 hands before tiltbreaker kicked in. Managed to end the session a buy in up after it had set off the alarm. Stats were 23/20 and 32% WTSD so no real change and couldnt help but try and bluff the fish who at the moment seem to smash every paired board against me when I have a decent pair. The fact I never fold against their raises even though they play their hand face up isnt helping me.

2 Hands that cost me were 2 all ins where I had Ak against QQ and missed and AQ against QQ. The other big hand was AK that I 3bet and got a TJQ flop where my opponent shoved the flop I call and he flips AT, Turn brings a Queen and the river a King.

Will try again in 15 mins.

Thats me at the moment, sat there giving my chips away.

I realized a long time ago that even though I play pretty loose people will not put their stack in the middle against me without a big hand. For some reason even though I realized this I still do nothing about it and still try and pull off all sort of stupid bluffs even though I know this.

Well it seems at the moment Im on a mission to try and make people fold when I have total air. Needless to say its not going too well.

Im so far away from playing the poker I was 2 or 3 months ago and I really need to start getting a grip because my tilt problems are creeping back again.

This has to be the biggest generalization in Poker.

I love a good debate, that’s my problem. If I have an opinion on something I’m going to air it especially when its something that I care about.

So I managed to find myself in the midst of a couple of interesting debates on 2+2 mainly based around peoples generalizations about what is standard.

Adjective: Used or accepted as normal or average: “the standard rate of income tax”.

Who decides what is standard in Poker? The saying goes that if you say something often enough no matter how true, then people will start to believe it. I think this holds some truth especially when it comes to Poker forums. This can work both ways, we see people giving good advice and people follow it and it helps them, we also see bad advice and the same again except this time it will harm their development but in most cases people do not understand why they are doing that something and just take it as read.

Fold Pre.

One of the best pieces of advice or worst pieces of advice you will see on a forum and without a doubt the biggest waste of time there is. Of the two hands that brought these debates we have A4s and 44 in EP with people giving the advice of Fold Pre without offering any explanation what so ever about why that should be. Why is that? Im going to hazard a guess that most of the time its because they have read on a Poker forum that you dont open x Hand from X position. Have they thought about it for a second though as to why this may not be true? Probably not.

Thinking Outside The Box

We all do this don’t we? No we don’t. You say you do, but you don’t. most people don’t even consider their actions at the tables and just do things they have got in to the habit of, this is great if you already are a good player but if you are doing it wrong then those habits are going to be the hardest to break. Before we make a decision at the table the simplest questions to ask ourselves are Why? and What? Why am I folding this hand pre? What if I raised instead of folding? Every decision should be made in that moment and not on some tatty looking hand chart that you have stuck to your monitor.

Try thinking for a change, your game will thank you for it.

I included quite a few generalizations in this post but you probably spotted them? 🙂

Theres a couple of new and exciting things hitting the WWW this coming month, first and most importantly is our company Cuttin Edge Carpets has had our website launched which can be found here:-

This is going to coincide with some new advertising we are doing using google adwords so please dont hesitate to click the link and have a nosey at our site.

Second of all is the relaunch of Full Tilt Poker which is obviously a big thing for anyone who has some money on the site. Its going to be a pleasant surprise when they finally let us check our balances and we get to see how much money we actually had on there. Im hoping most of it will go towards helping me fund the new car that i have talked about previously but we shall wait and see……

Thats all for now. All the best.

Pokers a funny old game. We have all been there havnt we?

“I cant possibly run any worse than i am doing at the moment”.

How does the saying go? At some point you will run worse than you thought was possible.

I decided to put it to the test after my recent `bad` run and put some figures in to a variance simulator.

Below are the results after I put in my stats for the year:-

Honestly theres not really much to concern myself with there but when I consider the results below and the fact that the largest downswing in those set of results is actually 18 Buy Ins then its plain to see that even with a very good win rate theres still a bit of room to suffer from a really bad downswing.

The simulator also throws out a few other results as well namely how long a break even stretch someone with my WR can expect, and in this set of results the longest BE stretch is 25K hands. So again thats really something I wouldnt expect but it certainly could happen.

I decided to do the test for someone over the same amount of hands but with just a 2bb/100 WR and a STD of 75bb/100, the results are below:-

As we can see the way someone with that WR can run is shocking. One minute they can think they are the worlds greatest player and then within a few thousand hands they can feel like the worst.

When it comes to down swings we are now looking at over 50 buy in swings which in reality could make a slight winning player quit the game altogether.  When it comes to BE stretches this guy could be looking at 170K or so hands of playing BE poker which in itself would be totally demoralizing.
So the moral of the story is that we should try and get as good at poker as we possibly can to try and stop the above or worse from happening. From my point of view I think that its clear that I really cant complain to how I have been running lately and I should just try and ride it out knowing that theres always someone a lot worse off than how I am actually running.

Losing sucks.


But seriously it seems that every time I withdraw I hit a weird downswing where I see all kinds of weird shit happening where I cant hit a flop and villains can sole read me like a boss.












Thats what my graph looks like since I made the fateful decision to withdraw which is basically all of this months play. So its just over 6 buyins and probably my biggest downswing at this level so far so no really need to hit the panic stations just yet.

Anyone taking a look at my stats can see why Im getting hammered on, 30% 3bet success rate, 25% flop cbet success, 33% fold against a flop raise, 31% WTSD and finally a W$SD of 43%. Talk about fishy or what.
I guess I couldnt run like god forever though so time to get back to basics(which is hard when I cant play less than 20% Vpip no matter how hard I try) and start doing the little things right and the rest will hopefully fall in to place.