So how do you play Poker again? Its that long since I played online that I think I may have forgotten.

15th September to be exact where I managed a massive 245 hand session. Its safe to say from that the business is going very well and I have not got much free time at all, infact its over 6 days since I last posted on 2+2 which apart from when it was down must be a new record for me. To be fair though I have looked on there a few times but one or two posters are pretty much trying to ruin it at the moment and its a bit like a school playground a lot of the time these days. I have been following the zacvach Vs Marshall HU challenge and I had to laugh when zachvac complained that he hasnt much time because he has like 15 hours of classes at school, try working 70 hour weeks and balancing a family life and then you can see what the real world is like.

Ive managed 5K hands so far this month and I have to admit that it is a bit frustrating not been able to play because I feel if I had more time I would probably be at least at NL50 by now but it is what it is and Im not going to make a living off Poker so its important that the business is going well.

Business wise we are going VAT registered from the 1st of next month and our first year has been very good indeed. I think its fair to say both Darren and myself will admit to been a bit naive when we first opened the shop but I think we have a pretty good grip on things now and although we still have the odd argument and struggle to balance things its safe to say we are both excited for what next year is going to bring for us.

Most of my time outside normal work hours at the moment is been taken up with updating the computer system we have used to both try and save time and to help things run more smoothly. We use Access 2010 and the program is just immense and the stuff it can do is almost limitless but its been a case of learn as I go along which obviously takes time but it will certainly be worth it in the end. The one I set up for last year is pretty basic but does the job it was made to do but I want to do something a bit more special with this one but theres not much time left in the month to finish it off.

On that note if there is any good access programmers who read this that feel they could help then maybe we could set something up where you give me a bit of time with the things Im struggling on in exchange for some sort of Poker coaching from me. If that is of interest to anyone then please get in touch.

I would love to say Im planning on playing a lot more in the near future but its really not going to be happening but I will try and keep this blog updated on at least a semi-regular basis or as much as I can.

All the best.

  1. Hi, haven’t seen your blog before. I’m a 2+2 lurker, some really classic threads in BVB. Neverwasneen one of the best. I play and blog about low stakes live poker.

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