Chasing The Dream

Posted: July 31, 2012 in General
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It was the Northern Rail Cup Final on Sunday and the team I support Halifax RLFC managed to overcome favorites Featherstone Rovers at Blackpool. We stayed for the weekend and had a really good time and the win was a massive bonus for us. I think Ive just about recovered now and back to normal with work stuff consuming most of my time.

As for chasing stuff, before the weekend I needed to play about 2K hands before the end of the month in order to keep my Silver Star status on Pokerstars. Thats lol volume obviously but for someone who has only played 6K hands all month it was looking like I was going to struggle to do it. Luckily I managed to get in just over 1K hands yesterday and should be able to make up the rest today to keep my status which obviously means more money even if it is only a little bit with the volume that I have been putting in.


The games are really soft at the moment as well and even though I’m not running that well I’m still turning a decent profit for the hands Im playing. Once I get through those hands I want to get back to learning to play some HU and have my coaching session with Jesse to go back through and then have another one in about a week to prepare for so hopefully I can get a bit of volume in to see if I’m actually improving in the spots that we talked about.

Anyway best get back to playing so all the best.


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