First HU Coaching Session With KnoxItAll

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Poker Theory
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Still not playing a lot due to time restrictions but tonight I had my first coaching session with KnoxItAll who is a HU Poker specialist. I am a little different in what I am wanting from the coaching as Im not really wanting to get in to playing HU that much because Im not sure my tilt problems could handle it but I want to get very good when starting tables and playing shorthanded and Jesse has a `Name Your Price` coaching offer on at the moment and I took the opportunity to try and sharpen up my game a bit.


First impressions are that I was very impressed as we went over a session that I had recorded yesterday and Jesse picked out quite a few spots where I was leaking. A lot of it boiled down to my bet sizings and he did a really good job of explaining things in a pretty simple manner when it came to value betting and spots I were missing value. We also had some good discussion about playing HU and shorthanded and how it differs from FR.


Ive booked another session for a couple of weeks time which should give me chance to work on the areas that we talked about and hopefully we can see some improvement from there.

Link and details of Jesse`s blog:-


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