Oh So Its Like That Then Pokerstars

Posted: July 20, 2012 in General
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So I decided to withdraw a big chunk of my bankroll to try and pay off my credit card aiming towards getting the car I talked about in my last post. The result seems to be that I am no longer allowed to win at Pokerstars. I’m seeing some of the weirdest play and some of the worse beats I have seen since moving there which I find quite ironic because the same thing used to happen to me when I withdrew from Full Tilt.

Now obviously I don’t think its rigged or anything like that and its total coincidence but its pretty easy to feel that way. It was enough to make me have a propper tilt for the first time in at least a couple of months. Of some of the things I saw were boards double paring when I am all in for people to win with J or Q high kickers. I also seem to have lost the knack of how to bluff as any time I fire 3 streets with air my opponents seem to soul read me and manage to hit top pair on the river an uncanny amount of the time yet when I don’t fire the third barrel they have called me with under pairs to the board which are good on showdown.

Add in to this that my cbet success is about 20% at the moment instead of my usual 50% or so and my turn cbet success is about 10% and it appears I am burning money at the moment because although I don’t mind stats like them it is not that great when you cant hit a flop.

It is times like this where I really need to up my game because its so easy for me to start leaking money when I tilt like cbetting in bad spots on the flop and turn and burning money trying to get too fancy. I think the new plan is to get the card completely cleared and then start shot taking Nl50 again which hopefully will allow me to purchase the car I want.


All the best.


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