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So not much volume at all but I did manage to keep my Silver Star staus for next month and also turn a tidy profit for the hands that I did play. Plan for next month is just to play some poker when i can and try and keep playing well with the aim of clearing my Credit Card at the end of August.


PokerStars Corporate Blog


It looks like theres going to be a lot of happy Poker players today with these announcements confirming that Pokerstars have indeed purchased Full Tilt and agreed to pay the players their money back. Im that excited I have just checked to see if my security gadget is still working and it blinked at me in excitement.  Truth be told I cant even remember how much I have on the site although Im thinking it could be about 2K with the bonuses and what not but getting anything back is a bonus in itself.


Think a beer or two is in order to celebrate.



It was the Northern Rail Cup Final on Sunday and the team I support Halifax RLFC managed to overcome favorites Featherstone Rovers at Blackpool. We stayed for the weekend and had a really good time and the win was a massive bonus for us. I think Ive just about recovered now and back to normal with work stuff consuming most of my time.

As for chasing stuff, before the weekend I needed to play about 2K hands before the end of the month in order to keep my Silver Star status on Pokerstars. Thats lol volume obviously but for someone who has only played 6K hands all month it was looking like I was going to struggle to do it. Luckily I managed to get in just over 1K hands yesterday and should be able to make up the rest today to keep my status which obviously means more money even if it is only a little bit with the volume that I have been putting in.


The games are really soft at the moment as well and even though I’m not running that well I’m still turning a decent profit for the hands Im playing. Once I get through those hands I want to get back to learning to play some HU and have my coaching session with Jesse to go back through and then have another one in about a week to prepare for so hopefully I can get a bit of volume in to see if I’m actually improving in the spots that we talked about.

Anyway best get back to playing so all the best.

Still not playing a lot due to time restrictions but tonight I had my first coaching session with KnoxItAll who is a HU Poker specialist. I am a little different in what I am wanting from the coaching as Im not really wanting to get in to playing HU that much because Im not sure my tilt problems could handle it but I want to get very good when starting tables and playing shorthanded and Jesse has a `Name Your Price` coaching offer on at the moment and I took the opportunity to try and sharpen up my game a bit.


First impressions are that I was very impressed as we went over a session that I had recorded yesterday and Jesse picked out quite a few spots where I was leaking. A lot of it boiled down to my bet sizings and he did a really good job of explaining things in a pretty simple manner when it came to value betting and spots I were missing value. We also had some good discussion about playing HU and shorthanded and how it differs from FR.


Ive booked another session for a couple of weeks time which should give me chance to work on the areas that we talked about and hopefully we can see some improvement from there.

Link and details of Jesse`s blog:-

When a 57/5 fish bluff calls your river bet…….

Poker Stars $0.10/$0.25 No Limit Hold’em – 9 players – View hand 1833027
DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

CO: $25.10
BTN: $25.00
SB: $31.89
BB: $23.60
UTG: $11.29
UTG+1: $23.30
UTG+2: $10.25
MP1: $13.91
Hero (MP2): $29.78

Pre Flop: ($0.35) Hero is MP2 with J of diamonds A of spades
3 folds, MP1 calls $0.25, Hero raises to $1, 2 folds, SB calls $0.90, 1 fold, MP1 calls $0.75

Flop: ($3.25) 2 of clubs A of clubs T of hearts (3 players)
SB checks, MP1 checks, Hero bets $2, SB folds, MP1 calls $2

Turn: ($7.25) 8 of diamonds (2 players)
MP1 checks, Hero bets $3.90, MP1 calls $3.90

River: ($15.05) 2 of diamonds (2 players)
MP1 checks, Hero bets $7.20, MP1 calls $7.01 all in

Final Pot: $29.07
MP1 shows 9 of clubs 7 of clubs (a pair of Deuces)
Hero shows J of diamonds A of spades (two pair, Aces and Deuces)
Hero wins $27.76
(Rake: $1.31)

So I decided to withdraw a big chunk of my bankroll to try and pay off my credit card aiming towards getting the car I talked about in my last post. The result seems to be that I am no longer allowed to win at Pokerstars. I’m seeing some of the weirdest play and some of the worse beats I have seen since moving there which I find quite ironic because the same thing used to happen to me when I withdrew from Full Tilt.

Now obviously I don’t think its rigged or anything like that and its total coincidence but its pretty easy to feel that way. It was enough to make me have a propper tilt for the first time in at least a couple of months. Of some of the things I saw were boards double paring when I am all in for people to win with J or Q high kickers. I also seem to have lost the knack of how to bluff as any time I fire 3 streets with air my opponents seem to soul read me and manage to hit top pair on the river an uncanny amount of the time yet when I don’t fire the third barrel they have called me with under pairs to the board which are good on showdown.

Add in to this that my cbet success is about 20% at the moment instead of my usual 50% or so and my turn cbet success is about 10% and it appears I am burning money at the moment because although I don’t mind stats like them it is not that great when you cant hit a flop.

It is times like this where I really need to up my game because its so easy for me to start leaking money when I tilt like cbetting in bad spots on the flop and turn and burning money trying to get too fancy. I think the new plan is to get the card completely cleared and then start shot taking Nl50 again which hopefully will allow me to purchase the car I want.


All the best.

There has been a distinct lack of updates over the last couple of weeks so thought I would just give you an idea of what has been happening.

The long and short of it is that I just haven’t had much time to play Poker and any time that I have had to play Ive simply been too tired and just not bothered as I don’t play well and tilt easily when tired. So far this month Ive have not played 1K  hands yet which seems such a far cry from when I would easily do 70K in a month. Im now up to my 5th week of working 7 days a week which obviously means that the business has been busy which is great because we knew it would take time to establish ourselves but so far its probably going better than we expected. Unfortunately our van broke down a couple of days ago and it looks like we might need to purchase a new one so that’s going to take some time to sort out what is best for us whether we buy new or try and find a good used one. Nothing ever runs smoothly does it.

Due to there not been too much money available Ive managed to run up my credit card a bit, nothing too bad, but with poker going well Im looking to get it paid off with most of the money in my account so although this means no more Nl50 shot taking for a little while it does give me a clean slate to work with which is good because my Car contract runs out in January and I fancy getting something a bit more sporty and a bit quicker than the Polo 1.4 that I have at the moment. Ive got my heart set on a Vauxhall Corsa VXR, I was looking at a BMW M3 but it seems the running costs will be too much for the moment and I dont want to over stretch myself as it would be good to have a holiday next year as well. As it would happen the girlfriend hates the M3 but likes the Corsa, however I fancy it in White and shes not too keen on it but I guess if I have compromised on the car then she should compromise on the colour.

Well thats all for now, hopefully I will have more to report next time I update.