Have To Confess……..

Posted: June 22, 2012 in General, Poker Results
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Ive got to admit that I looked at HM today. It was at the end of a longish session and Tiltbreaker had just kicked in and I were slightly tilted and had a look.  To my surprise I was actually break even for the session and even better than that i was up 6 buyins in the 3K hands that I had played since starting the challenge.

So I lasted a grand total of 7 sessions before breaking but tomorrow I will start again and try and beat my new record. I do feel to be playing really well at the moment as well and im sure doing this has helped, infact my redline seems to have improved no end and im almost certain its because im not passing up some steal and 3bet bluff spots that i would normally pass up.

Anyway thats pretty short and sweet and will keep updating but other than that theres not much happened Poker wise so until next time……..


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