No Look HEM Challenge

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Poker Results
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Anyone who knows me knows that i have a huge problem in that i check HEM constantly during sessions to see if im up or down and occasionally some of my decisions at the tables are influenced by that. Ive decided to give it a go to try and get out of this habit. Ive been playing poker long enough now to know that im a winning player at the levels that i play and i dont do too much in the sense of hand review or DB reveiw which could make this really difficult in that i have to look at HEM to do those reviews.

So thats the problem and now im going to try and fix it. Its going to be an ongoing thing as at the moment i cant get through a session without checking it so anything longer than that will be a bonus. I think if i can do well it can probably add to my winnings and i might just treat myself if i do really well.

Im going to keep this thread updated as to how im getting on and how often i slip up, wish me luck.

So made it through my first session without looking. Unfortunately the session was ended when TiltBreaker kicked in due to a couple of suck outs. So tempted to look but i know i played both hands fine, one of them was quite tilty which makes me want to look more. Got 3 limpers and one is a big fish and i make a big raise with JJ and the fish comes along flop is something like 478 and he leads, i raise and he calls, turn is a 3 and he shoves and i call, he flips A2 and i make the mistake of saying no Ace. Unfortunately i forgot about the 5 lol.

18/6/12 Played another hour long session and managed not to look. Probably made 2-3 buyins and played really good poker. Going to see if i could make it to the end of the month which would be pretty cool.

  1. Jos says:

    Not looking at HEM during a session is something i had to learn.

    But the idea of not looking after a session is something im not sure is correct.

    I can see what your saying but i tend to look over a session at the bigger pots and make one or two notes of villains play.

    Plus … it would get to me in no time wondering if i had won some cash :), the one thing i have noticed by not looking during a session is i tend to have won more money or lost less money than i expected.

    • martl1 says:

      When i have tried it in the past it has worked out well for me but my main problem is once i look i cant stop. I can see the advantages of checking after each session but i think im quite good at spotting where i have made any obvious mistakes in big pots and usually realize as soon as the hand is done and before when i would check the hands afterwards it would just reaffirm what i was thinking so im not sure i see the benefit that way.

      I guess if i had some more time to delve deeper and go over marginal spots then it would be a good idea to check after the session but i really dont have that much time to do it.

      Im finding it quite exciting not knowing how im doing although i have a suspicion im about 2-3 buyins up so far in the 2 sessions and will be running vastly under EV after those suckouts. Not knowing whether im up or down probably has seen me making better decisions at the table because im playing each and every hand rather than thinking “this is a marginal +EV spot but im up a buy in i dont want to lose” and then passing up on that spot.

  2. Jos says:

    If you can actually go through the rest of the month without checking your results then you have reached the next level when it comes to the mindset needed for this game.

    I know you have had tilt problems before which like a lot of tilt is down to being results orientated .. if you can actually get to a stage where results are not even that important then thats got to be a great place to be.

    I still tilt really .. i still need to see profitable results to justify to myself that i am still good enough to win ( even at the mega micros ) …

    Thats why tilt is so bad, losing sessions ( even if you played well and variance kicked in ) can hinder development if you look too much into it.

    I still think you should have a quick peep at your recent sessions …. go on … i know you want to !!

    lol … apologies 🙂

    • martl1 says:

      Haha im tempted but will see how long i can go.

      I think the big thing about trying to get this to work is that my results since i started to play poker show that im a winning player so theres really no need to look at the results as if im playing good poker then i know in the longrun i will be winning.

      Just on the tilt thing i was thinking about it last night and cant remember the last time i had a real good tilt and a lot of that is down to me playing so well which coincided with me going through Jared Tendlers book and also starting posting a ton again in the forums Making consistently good decisions has stopped me having a lot of mistake tilt which was one of the worse things i suffered from.

  3. Jos says:

    Yup … Conscious Competence is the way to go.

    If you know your making the right decisions then there is no need to get annoyed.

    I need to spend more time working on my game, getting into spots and not really knowing if im playing it right can lead to frustration.

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