Weekend Update 26-27th May 2012

Posted: May 28, 2012 in General
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Poker wise theres not too much to report really as i had a pretty busy weekend and managed to play the grand total of 280 hands. Im planning to try and take some NL50 shots this week if all goes to plan as its going pretty well at NL25 at the moment even though my volume sucks having only played about 23K hands this month.

The sun has been out this week in the UK and when the sun comes out it usually means the BBQ`s come out as well so it was BBQ and beer time on Saturday night after work. Oh we had the joy of the Eurovision song contest as well which is always quite funny to watch. You would think that this would be voted on who has the best song when in fact its basically voted on by who provides the most funding or favours to other countries hence the UK never do that well in this. πŸ˜€

Sunday was off to another BBQ and kids fun day with my girlfriend and her Daughter and we managed to take in plenty of sun as it was a lovely day once again. You just cant beat the sun beaming down on you, although work wise it does mean a shortage of people in the shop as people often have better things to do on sunny days than buy carpets.

Got a few ideas for articles for the blog that are half wrote and also want to try and get the final part on the Ipoker bots done for the end of the week but im looking quite busy again so no promises.

All the best.

  1. x_ROSH125_x says:

    Had to LOL when I saw that you have a tag for Engelbert Humperdinck. Looking forward to future Engelbert posts..!! πŸ™‚

  2. martl1 says:

    Yes some shameless name whoring there LOL. What a legend but unfortunaley it just didnt work, maybe we can get PJ & Duncan to reform and perform next year.

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