Poker, Pool, General Round Up

Posted: May 22, 2012 in General
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Just a quick update on how things have been going in general. First off since i posted the video of me playing on here i hadnt had a winning session in about 5 and ended up dropping about 4 1/2 buyins which has hampered my attempts to shot take NL50 as i want to try and do it when i feel im playing and running well. Most of the losses came from been a tad unlucky but a couple of them came out of frustration at feeling that i was running bad. I managed to post a winning session yesterday and hopefully ive turned the corner now but you never know in Poker. All i can say as well is that any one with tilt issues who is not running Tilt Breaker is missing a trick. This neat bit of software is a god send to me when ive been playing like this. Ive got mine set pretty low and its set at just over a buy in which dosnt seem much but after analyzing my DB thats the point where my play deteriorates.

It was also the second game of our pool season yesterday and we managed a 7-5 win away from home against a decent team who fancy their chances of winning the league. Now if im honest and without trying to sound big headed if we were playing without the restrictions of time limits and fines that we place on ourselves ive no doubt that we would win the league pretty comfortably. Last night we didnt play well a all and still managed to claw the win. On a personal note i kept up my good form winning both my games. After you play your game you always shake your opponents hand who normally congratulates you, well i got down for the Black ball and fired it straight in the pocket, i turn around to shake my opponents hand and i cant believe my eyes as John Terry is stood there with a pool cue shaking my opponents hand. 🙂  (Sorry if you dont get that) To cap it all off Geoff Shreeves then interviews my opponent and asks him “You do know you would have won the game if you had potted the black?”  (and again)

On a personal note i went to the Doctors with my throat, and they are always shocked to see me as its very rare im that ill, but anyway it turns out i have severe tonsillitis which would explain the pain that im in and makes my attempt at downing a pint in one even more impressive. So it looks like i need plenty of TLC over the next few days, so Cara if you are reading this thats the doctors orders. 😉

  1. xxcara88xx says:

    yes honey, i’m reading it, as i always do, and of course you’ll be getting TLC, you always do, but not too much as i dont want to get sick too lol. *germ breeder*

  2. xxcara88xx says:

    and i dont get the john terry pun 😦

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