Busy, Busy, Busy

Posted: May 20, 2012 in General
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So the last few days have been crazy. I havnt really said much about work, but in November last year my brother and I opened our own carpet shop after carpet fitting for many years between us. Well the last couple of months have been pretty steady but this last month just seems to have gone mad and we have had a really busy month and are looking pretty busy for the beginning of June as well. Obviously the building the business up is the main thing but the downside of it is that its dosnt give me much time to play or chat about Poker.

On top of that we went on my mates stag do to Doncaster Races yesterday and had a pretty awesome day out, saying that it could have been better for myself as ive been struggling with a pretty bad throat for the past week or so and its a struggle to talk so that wasnt much fun. We all had a list of tasks that we all had to try and do and i think i managed 5 out of 8 which i didnt think was bad especially seen as though one of them was down  a pint in one which i just cant do, that coupled with the saw throat was pretty difficult and although i probably set a new record for length of time to do it, i still did it.

Obviously all this has meant no blog updates for a couple of days but hopefully in the next few days i will get round to adding the second part of the Bot Problem topic and also will try and get the NL10 or another Nl25 video up as they seemed to go down pretty well. As for the rest of the day its going to be recovering from yesterday and then over to Batley to watch my team Halifax play Rugby League. We are sitting pretty at the top of the leaague but we are only a few games in to the season and Batley is always a tough place to go but come on you Fax.

All the best.

  1. xxcara88xx says:

    dude, i have my own little poker thingy to i can *like* your shit lol, i understand all of this, just not so much your other stuff about poker but its an interesting read..ish lol

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