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Posted: May 15, 2012 in General
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Ive played pool for local pubs for the past 16 years and last night saw the first game of the new Monday night Pool season. I play for my local pub the Ivy House which in that time period has been the most successful Pool team in this area by quite a distance. Over those years i have played for 3 teams and probably have well over 50 or so trophies for one thing or another.

On my worst day im not good enough to beat Stevie Wonder but on my best day ive been good enough to win a couple of Single knockouts and a few Doubles knockouts along with a lot of league and cup trophies. That brings me to now and at the moment i have more of my worse days than i do my best ones. The problem is that i just dont have the time to play any more and me and my mates when we were at our best we were playing 3 maybe 4 times a week and practicing all the time, obviously you then grow up and other stuff take over your lives and suddenly the only time you play is on match nights. For some of my mates thats not a problem as they are natural players and can pick up a stick after not playing for weeks and it looks like they have never been away. Unfortunately for me i miss a week of playing and look like ive never played the game before.

That brings me to now and at the moment our team is in the 2nd division of the competition and is made up mainly of players who saw the team be Premier League winners many times on the trot, the thing is now we just go out for the laugh and the Pool is on the back burner. We even play under a 15 second rule just to make things a bit more fun where every shot has got to be taken in 15 seconds otherwise you get a fine that goes in to the kitty for the end of the season do.

From a personal point of view last season was a disaster. Usually im near the top of the averages for the league every season, never consistent enough to win it but consistent enough to finish in the top 6 or 7 or so season after season. Last season i couldnt hit a barn door with a banjo and for the first time that i can remember i lost more games than i won, going down in flames with a spectacular 8 wins out of 20.  I know my team mates wernt that bothered because we just have a laugh and a joke but i got plenty of comments from opposition players asking what had happened to my game and things like “didnt you used to be good?” Its fair to say we all laughed it off but i had it in the back of my mind that i didnt want to do that badly again as i know i can do better and although they arnt bothered i know im letting the team down been so bad.

So the season kicked off last night and we were at home and there was already jokes that i may just get one game or no games at all and i had been joking that i had been practicing but it was on my iphone. First game comes and im up against a guy who has just played and looked pretty good. He breaks…………….that was the last time he got to the table as i seven balled him. My team mates comments got funnier with every shot as they were taking the piss that my arse would fall out and my hands were visibly shaking as i potted the last two balls because i had put that much pressure on my self. It was a nice feeling hearing my team mates say well played for a change instead of me agreeing i was shite. Needless to say i got another game and although it wasnt over as quick i pulled out a pretty classy finish,that i would have been proud of at my best, to win the game. I only had one time foul as well which was a bonus as i took my time on the second to last shot which was a full length pot screwing the white off the side cushion to get on the black which was in the middle of the bottom cushion which i think brought on a lot of good shot comments that i didnt really hear as i was in the zone as i potted the black.

So a really good win for the team and a decent start for myself, hopefully i can kick on from here and do a whole lot better than last season.

  1. Inoffski says:

    Wouldn’t have believed you still had it in you Mart – if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!!!! Still, there’s plenty of time for it to all go to ratshit again, we all need someone to make us look better than we are!!!

    • martl1 says:

      Cheers Mike, and thanks for the “theres still time for his arse to fall out” comment. Its hard to play when your trying hard not to laugh lol.

      Yep plenty of time for it to go belly up but i got a good feeling for this season.

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