Poker Video Requests

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Poker Videos
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My favourite forum on 2+2 is the Poker Goals section and im a regular poster there and have had a few threads of my own on there.  Theres a group of us that post in each others threads and on occasion ive made videos for my friends to either review my play or hopefully to help out some of the guys that play a bit lower than me. Ive been meaning to make another one for a while now but until the last few months i havnt really been that motivated about playing nevermind recording a video for people to review my play.

Hopefully i will get the chance to make a video of myself playing in the next couple of days. Im probably going to make one of myself playing at NL25 just so hopefully people can point out any obvious leaks and get that one up first if i can figure out the best way to upload it. After that im thinking of making one for NL10 as i have a few friends who play that level and ive got quite a bit of experience playing that level on Stars since i moved there so hopefully it will be relevant and of help to someone. I wont be giving commentry on the videos as i hate the sound of my own voice and tend to get muddled up a bit but i will be playing quite loose and trying to get myself in to some spots that people at that level either avoid or miss all together but i will still be playing a pretty straight forward style.

Like i say hopefully i can these up by the end of the week and all comments are welcome however harsh. 🙂


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