April Poker Results – Getting Back On The Horse

Posted: May 14, 2012 in Poker Results
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So its my first month taking Poker slightly serious in what could be over 12 months. Im really happy with how things are going since moving to Pokerstars and getting my shit together. Theres loads of room for improvement though and im still tilting quite a bit which can be seen in some of the big spikes in the graph.

Im really comfortable at NL25 though and in all honesty theres plenty enough bad players to just stay here and make decent profit without having to do too much. I dont want to do that again though i want to try and get up to at least NL50 again and then go from there. At the moment ive over 30 Buyins for that level but ive just hit a bit of a breakeven stretch so im going to wait to get through that and start running better before takng some shots.

One thing is for sure that ive got the Poker bug again and im enjoying playing which cant be said for the last 14 months or so.

  1. pokerron247 says:

    Hey, just found your blog from your post on 2p2. It’s looking good so far. The best tips I can give are just to update regularly and keep trying to think of original content.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll so hopefully you’ll get some hits from there, although I’m not getting massive traffic yet.

  2. martl1 says:

    Hey thanks for adding me to your blogroll, like I said in the post it was your blog that got me thinking about making one. Yours makes for a very interesting read. Thanks for the help and tips.

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